61/62.Generous, positive and humane – Dvorak’s music is great for cheering us up (Symphony no.6)

It’s great to be able to escape from life’s concerns. Dvorak’s sixth symphony is full of good tunes, and a spirit of generosity and optimism. So forget about everything else for a bit and bask in Dvorak’s warmth and positivity.

Intro Part 1:

Listening time =35 mins (Intro 7′ plus first half of symphony 28′)

Into Part 2:

Listening time =24 mins (Intro 5′ plus second half of symphony 18′)

Or listen to both intros before the music: 12′ chat and 45′ music

Music here on Youtube (sound only) or Spotify:

For the music for part 2 only go here on Youtube or listen to tracks 3 & 4 on the Spotify playlist.

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