New episodes are published 3 times a month – on the 10th, 20th and 30th (easy huh? Nope, I don’t know what happens in February, either), and there are loads of great episodes in the back catalogue here on the website.

Each episode we introduce a great piece of music (or maybe a couple) and play it – or point you to where you can play it. Sometimes it will be resolutely happy or upbeat and other times it might ask some searching questions about life and what it is to live. The biggest pieces generally come in more than one section or movement – so large pieces might get more than one episode, however many the piece requires and each episode’s length is, of course, determined by the length of the music…

Cacophony is like a magazine, packed with different features.  Music is hugely varied in its sound-worlds and emotional worlds and Cacophony aims to give something from each one and something for everyone.  Above all, this great music tells us all about life, and helps us live ours.  All human life is here.

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How to listen

I’m not going to tell you how to listen!  The only thing to bear in mind is that the music in Cacophony often has a wide dynamic range (much more so than rock and pop music) and there’re often very quiet passages.  So I offer two suggestions: you won’t get the most out of Cacophony if you listen somewhere noisy – it doesn’t really work on the tube; Cacophony should sound great regardless but, like all things, will sound best out of your best speakers – and that might even be your TV set up. The linked youtube videos of orchestras certainly look best on a big screen!  Youtube ads are a pain. Sorry. You might want to investigate an adblocker… I certainly should! Spotify ads are worse – they seem to be designed to interrupt at the worst moments in the least appropriate ways.