73. Time for a short break? 3 perfect Intermezzos by Brahms

What’s in a name? Not much it seems. An ‘Intermezzo’ is often a short piece that breaks up something bigger… but Brahms used it as his go to name for any short piano pieces where nothing else came to mind! 

In any case, these three Intermezzos for solo piano from late in Brahms’s life are beautiful, wistful, dreamy and give us a perfect break from whatever you’ve got going on…

Like all Brahms pieces they’re musically perfect too.

Listening time 21 mins (Intro 6′, music 15′)

Music here (no pictures):

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If you really like these pieces, why not buy them? Only 51p in the UK! This isn’t an affiliate link, I just want to make sure you get a great recording and if you buy them the artists make a living. It’s Brahms Intermezzi op.117 played by Maria João Pires.

Thanks for listening!

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