81. Politics, protest and a bit of opera – Ethel Smyth, The Wreckers

Democracy and our rights, that earlier generations fought and went to prison to obtain, are fragile and always need to be looked after closely. Ethel Smyth’s life and terrific music serve as a good reminder to us all that we need to be ready to stand up and make our voices heard in order to make change happen. 

Listening time 19 mins (Podcast 11′, Music 8′)

Music here (only on Youtube – there’s no currently available recording):

The lower banner in the picture reads “It appears that your demands are just”. Shakespeare innit? (it’s from Henry IV part 2)

The words to the very from the March of the Women are: 

Shout, shout, up with your song!
Cry with the wind, for the dawn is breaking;
March, march, swing you along,
Wide blows our banner, and hope is waking.
Song with its story, dreams with their glory
Lo! they call, and glad is their word!
Loud and louder it swells,
Thunder of freedom, the voice of the Lord!

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