87. Dancing in the Dark? Anna Clyne: This Midnight Hour

Come on the fantastic – and fantastical – musical adventure that is Anna Clyne’s This Midnight Hour. You’ll be thrilled, excited, maybe a bit scared, ultimately consoled… or maybe not! What does this great music do to you?

Listening time 19 mins (podcast 5′, music 12 or 14′).

Music below in two great performances, that bring out different sides of the piece. Ben Gernon and the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra (Youtube) give us this rich ‘big’ sound and a really memorable ending, whilst Sakari Oramo with the BBC Symphony Orchestra (Spotify) sound lean, raw and bring out the scary moments:

What did you make of This Midnight Hour and of this episode of Cacophony? Comment below!

The Baudelaire poem which inspired Clyne can be found on this fab page.

If you want to buy a recording you can get a high quality download for £1.98 here, or elsewhere!

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