107. Made in America: Florence Price, Symphony No.1

Individual, passionate, soulful music rooted in the southern states, Florence Price’s Symphony No.1 was the first by a black woman composer to be played by a major US orchestra back in the 1930s. A Moment of History, but those ‘twin handicaps’ [her words] meant that her music has hardly been played since and we’ve been missing out on great music from a distinctive voice – it’s time to put that right! (Listening time 47 mins: podcast 8′, music 39′)

 Complete music below, in a brand new recording with another of the ‘great’ US Orchestras, the Philadelphia Orchestra and conductor, Yannick Nezet-Seguin

or on Youtube with the New Black Repertory Ensemble & Leslie B. Dunner, conductor:

You can buy the Philadelphia recording as a download here.

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