133. A woman on the money: Clara Schumann, Piano Trio

Urbane sophistication mixes with poetry and drama in Clara Schumann’s Piano Trio, her biggest piece from a small catalogue of great music. Better known in recent times as the wife of Robert Schumann, it was Clara who was an international star as the leading pianist of their day. It was composing, though, that brought her the greatest joy and her music is full of deep inspiration and honesty.

Listening time 37 mins (podcast 13′, music 24′)

Music here on Youtube and Spotify played by the Beaux Arts Trio, a classic recording from as long ago as 1971 when recording Clara Schumann’s music was very rare!

Links to track 1 only (and then you’re on your own!) on Amazon and Apple:

You can buy this classic recording as a download here. There are plenty of other recordings but notably in the last few weeks one from tip-top violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter and friends. If you like the piece, check it out. She emphasises the drama over the classy ease and sophistication.

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