136. Where the walls of heaven are thin as a curtain: Simon Clark on Talbot, Path of Miracles

An epic and spiritual adventure for choir, Joby Talbot’s Path of Miracles captures the hope, the expectation and the moments of overwhelm (both positive and negative) of travellers on the ancient and still popular pilgrimage trail the Camino de Santiago (Way of St James).

Simon Clark, scientist, author and singer joins me to share his passion for the piece and guide us on a journey of musical and maybe spiritual fulfilment! Listening time: podcast 24 mins, music 62′

Music here:

If you like to see your singers in action, there’s a live concert video performance on Youtube here.

Path of Miracles was commissioned and premiered by the choir Tenebrae and their conductor Nigel Short. Their recording and performances remain the ‘benchmark’ for this increasingly popular piece. You can buy the above recording as a cd or high quality download here, direct from the choir.

The text is a mix of ancient Latin and early European languages (often taken from religious writings or music) alongside an English text writen by the poet Robert Dickinson. The complete words are here (starting on Page 4).

Simon Clark’s The Wikicast is on all major podcast platforms and his science videos are on his Youtube channel. Simon also appears on Cacophony episode 134, unpicking some celestial science as we investigate The sound of the solar system?

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