149. Keeping us fresh since 1784: Haydn, Piano trio No.19

Meeting his boss’s insatiable desire for new content ‘forced’ [his word] Joseph Haydn to write original, inventive music that sounds as fresh and full of life today as when it was written. And he wrote so much great music that I only heard this piano trio for the first time this week – and it’s wonderful stuff.

Listening time 19 mins (podcast 6′, music 13′)

Here’s the podcast:

The music is here, played by the incomparable Beaux Arts Trio:

If you’re listening on Apple or Amazon you need a link for each movement/ track:

Amazon mvt 1 / Amazon mvt 2

Apple mvt 1Apple mvt 2

You can buy a recording of the piece as a high-quality download for a couple of quid here at Presto Music. Be sure to get the right one – the full title of the piece, with all the identifying letters and numbers is: Haydn: Piano Trio No. 19 in F, Hob.XV:6

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