It’s NOT the World Cup of (largely) Classical Music:

This is the playlist of all the games in Group C.
Each team in each game in round one of the football World Cup represented by a [short] piece of music, the pieces matched up like they’re the games and then people listen and voted… winners at the bottom!

Game 1

  1. ARGENTINA – Adriana Figueroa: Audacius Tango
    SAUDI ARABIA – traditional Ardah dance
  2. MEXICO – Manuel Ponce: Intermezzo
    POLAND – Grażyna Bacewicz: Scherzo

Game 2
3.POLAND – Witold Lutosławski: Little Suite Mvt.1 , Fujarka
SAUDI ARABIA – Talal Maddah: Listen, darling, don’t mistrust me!

  1. ARGENTINA – Alberto Ginastera: Malambo from Estancia
    MEXICO – Gabriela Ortiz: Kauyumari

Game 3

  1. POLAND – Henryk Górecki: Little requiem for a certain polka, mvt.2
    ARGENTINA – Astor Piazzolla, Libertango
  2. SAUDI ARABIA – Bint Salem: Everyday
    MEXICO – Arturo Márquez Conga del Fuego Nuevo


  1. Argentina bt Saudi Arabia
  2. Mexico bt Poland
  3. Poland bt Saudi Arabia
  4. Mexico bt Argentina
  5. Argentina bt Poland
  6. Mexico bt Saudi Arabia

MEXICO won the group, with three wins, with ARGENTINA in 2nd place. They go through to the next round