It’s Not the World Cup of (largely) classical music!

This is the complete playlist for the music in Round 1, group D.

Each team in each game of round one of the football is represented by a short piece of music from the country. They’re matched up like they’re the games and listeners picked the winners…

Game 1:

  1. FRANCE – Claude Debussy: Pagodas
    AUSTRALIA – Peter Sculthorpe: Djilile
  2. DENMARK – Carl Nielsen: Maskerade overture
    TUNISIA – L’orchestre Tunisien
  3. TUNISIA – Amina Srarfi and El’Azifet: Bahdha Hbibti
    AUSTRALIA – Percy Grainger: Dreamery
  4. FRANCE – Maurice Ravel: The Fairy Garden from Mother Goose
    DENMARK – Niels Gade: Napoli, In the blue grotto

Game 3:
5.AUSTRALIA – Elena Kats-Chernin: Autumn
DENMARK – Hilda Sehested: Dance of leaves

  1. TUNISIA – Eya Daghnouj: Machghoul Alik
    FRANCE – Lili Boulanger: D’un matin de printemps


  1. Denmark bt Tunisia
  2. France bt Australia
  3. Australia bt Tunisia
  4. France bt Denmark
  5. Australia bt Denmark
  6. France drew with Tunisia

3 points for a win, 1 for a draw.
FRANCE won the group with AUSTRALIA in 2nd place and they go through to Round 2