It’s NOT the World Cup of (largely) classical music. This is the playlist of all the games in Group E:

Each team in each game of round one of the football represented by a short piece of music from the country, matched together like they were the games and then listeners voted… results at the bottom…

  1. SPAIN – Enrique Granados, Spanish Dance no.5 – Andaluza
    COSTA RICA – Julio Fonseca: Rayo de sol
  2. GERMANY – Brahms, Hungarian Dance No.1
    JAPAN – Takemitsu, Music of training and rest from Jose Torres

Game 2

  1. JAPAN – Ryuichi Sakamoto: Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
    COSTA RICA – Dolores Castegnaro: Vals lento
  2. SPAIN – Manuel De Falla: Ritual Fire Dance from L’Amor Brujo
    GERMANY – Robert Schumann, Symphony No.3 “Rhenish”, movement 5

There’s more on the Schumann piece on the Cacophony podcast here:

Game 3

  1. JAPAN – Keiko Abe: Prism for marimba
    SPAIN – Matilde Salvador: Homenatge a Mistral, mvt1
  2. COSTA RICA – Benjamín Gutiérrez: Pavana
    GERMANY – Clara Schumann: Piano Trio, mvt.2


  1. Morocco drew with Croatia
  2. Belgium bt Canada
  3. Belgium drew with Morocco
  4. Canada bt Croatia
  5. Croatia bt Belgium
  6. Morocco bt Canada
    (3 points for a win, 1 for a draw)

MOROCCO win the group and CROATIA take 2nd place because they beat Belgium in their match. They go through to Round 2.