This is the playlist of all the pieces in Group F.

Each team in each game of round one of the football is represented by a short piece of music from the country. They’re matched up like they’re the games and listeners picked the winners… results at the bottom…

Game 1

  1. BELGIUM – Orlando de Lassus, Alma redemptoris mater
    CANADA – Jean Coulthard, The Contented House
  2. MOROCCO – Malika Zarra – no borders
    CROATIA – Boris Papandopulo, Sinfonietta – Perpetuum mobile

Game 2

  1. BELGIUM – César Franck: Panis angelicus
    MOROCCO – Sufi music performed by Hadarrattes Souiriyattes group
  2. CROATIA – Dora Pejačević: Impromptu op. 9a
    CANADA – Ann Southam: Rivers

Game 3

  1. CROATIA – Luka Sorkočević: Symphony No.2
    BELGIUM – Jacqueline Fontyn : Lieber Joseph! III. Presto assai
  2. CANADA – Howard Shore: The Battle of the Hornburg from “The Lord of the Rings” soundtrack
    MOROCCO – Youssef Guezoum: Nemesis from the “Ultimate Justice” soundtrack


  1. Morocco drew with Croatia
  2. Belgium bt Canada
  3. Belgium drew with Morocco
  4. Canada bt Croatia
  5. Croatia bt Belgium
  6. Morocco bt Canada

MOROCCO win the group with CROATIA in 2nd because they beat Belgium in their game, They’re in Round 2.