It’s NOT the World Cup of (largely) classical music. This is the complete playlist of gams in Group G

Each team in each game of round one of the football represented by a short piece of music from the country. And then listeners picked one from each head to head. Results below

Game 1
1.BRAZIL – José Mauricio Nunes Garcia: Overture in D
SERBIA – Isidora Žebeljan: U krčmi (In the Inn)

  1. SWITZERLAND – Ernest Bloch: Prayer (from ‘Jewish Life’)
    CAMEROON – Eboa Lotin: Munyengue Mwa Ngando

Game 2

  1. BRAZIL – Hector Villa Lobos The Little Train of Caipira, from Bachianas Brasileiras No.2
    SWITZERLAND – Arthur Honegger, Pacific 231
  2. SERBIA – Ljubica Marić: Byzantine Concerto, Mvt2
    CAMEROON – Francis Bebey: Esok Am

Game 3.

  1. SERBIA – Stevan Hristić: Ohridska Legenda Grlica (legend of the turtle dove)
    SWITZERLAND – Iris Szeghy: … Perpetuum mobile
  2. CAMEROON – Anne-Marie Nzie: Kugluku
    BRAZIL – Chiquinha Gonzaga: O Abre Alas


  1. Switzerland bt Cameroon
  2. Brazil bt Serbia
  3. Cameroon bt Serbia
  4. Brazil bt Switzerland
  5. Serbia & Switzerland – draw
  6. Cameroon & Brazil – draw

BRAZIL win the group with CAMEROON taking 2nd place, and they go into round 2!