It’s NOT the World Cup of (largely) classical music. This is the complete playlist of gams in Group H

Each team in each game of round one of the football represented by a short piece of music from the country. And then listeners picked one from each head to head. Results below…

Game 1

  1. PORTUGAL – Alexandre Rey Colaço: Fado No.6
    GHANA. Joseph Kwabena Nketia: African pianism – En attente du printemps
  2. URUGUAY – José Serebríer: Last Tango Before Sunrise
    KOREA REPUBLIC – M Birvaa: Horse Thump

Game 2

  1. KOREA REPUBLIC – Sukjin Chang: Dear Mother
    GHANA – James Varrick Armaah – Oye

Game 3

  1. GHANA – Wulomei featuring NAA AMANUA: Miiya-miiya-miiya
    URUGUAY – Beatriz Lockhart: Bambuco from Estampas Criollas
  2. KOREA REPUBLIC – Unsuk Chin: Grains (Etude no.6)
    PORTUGAL – Sara Carvalho: (…a distant mirror)


  1. Korea by Uruguay
  2. Portugal bt Ghana
  3. Korea bt Ghana
  4. Uruguay bt Portugal
  5. Ghana drew with Uruguay
    6.Portugal bt Korea

Portugal win the group with Korea Republic in 2nd place. They go into round 2!