During the 2023 Women’s World Cup football, Cacophony presented its own, Women’s World Cup of Classical Music. It was like the football but with short pieces of music going head-to-head instead, all written by women from the countries involved and selcted by leading female musicians and composers and Cacophony. Listeners voted for their favourite pieces and determined who won. It was a glorious celebration of music from around the world.

Some of the leading composers/ artists from around the world joined us for podcast conversations about their music, motivations and the pieces they chose. They’re all available on via the homepage.

ALL 126 pieces from the World Cup at in this Big Playlist over on YouTube.

In Round 1, the 32 countries were in 8 groups of 4 teams. And each team ‘played’ the others. Click on each group to discover more

Half the countries went through to the knock out stages:

Click on games to listen…