It’s the Women’s World Cup of Classical Music, Match Day 4!

Each day the teams in the football matches are replaced by short pieces of music written by women from the countries.

You listen and vote for your favourites! 

It’s a month long glorious celebration of music written by women from around the world.


Netherlands v Portugal

France v Jamaica 

Sweden v South Africa

[Listening time: Podcast 2mins, music c17 mins]

Step 1 – listen

Alternative link:

Step 2: Vote!

Step 3: Support your favourites, support your country by telling your friends and sharing!

Steps …to infinity:

Please share the podcast with someone you know, someone who you think would enjoy this, someone from one of the countries involved

Share it on all your social media!

Dive deeper – explore Cacophony…at the Women’s World Cup a series of podcast interviews with leading female musicians exploring creativity and music from their country written by women.

Donate – if you’re able to, please visit and make a small or large donation – why not sponsor a country!

Thanks for listening, thanks for supporting!

Come back next time!

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