It’s the Women’s World Cup of Classical Music! And it’s the semi finals. After 120 pieces of music just 4 countries remain:

Here’s the second semi-final, Republic of Ireland vs England

Listen here

or via the link:  (23 mins total listen)

Vote here:

Make sure you play the other semi-final too, USA vs Spain

Voting is open until late on 18 August.

Some of the poetry by Fukuda Chiyo-ni which served as an inspiration for Linda Buckley

cool clear water

and fireflies that vanish

that is all there is.

only in the river

darkness flows



the beauty

of hidden things

Poem by Dora Maar which inspired Charlotte Bray:

I rested in the arms of my arms

I no longer slept

It was night in the summer,

winter in the day

An eternal shivering of thoughts

Fear love fear love

Close the window open the window

You’ll see you’ll see

The hummingbird motionless as a star.

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