51. Creating The Sound of Hollywood: Korngold – The Sea Hawk

Erich Korngold was one of the composers who invented the sound of Hollywood – and his music for The Sea Hawk (a 1940 Erol Flynn swashbuckler) is passionate, exhilarating and hugely influences our very ideas of what film music should sound like.

I talk about all this with my pal, Lev Parikian.

The Music:

Though the “overture” gets played in concerts, it doesn’t really exist as a thing that gets recorded! Mostly people record a suite – giving you more of Korngold’s great music…

So here are my recommendations:

I’ve selected my favourite bits (all the stuff Lev and I talked about) on Spotify:

Top conductor Vladimir Jurowski has made a suite of his favourite bits and it’s on Youtube complete with clips from the film and the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Russia: 

Total listen time 36mins [podcast plus music]

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