52. Sleepless in Havanna? Gershwin – Cuban Overture

George Gershwin spent two hectic weeks on holiday in Cuba and returned with a case full of percussion instruments, latin spirit and musical inspiration!

The resulting Cuban Overture became an instant hit.

Total listening time c14 mins (3’30” podcast, 10′ music)

The music:

There’s a fab concert performance on Youtube, with the Teresa Carreño Symphony Orchestra – one of Venezuela’s top youth orchestras, playing with great style – check out the easy enjoyment of the percussionists. Youth orchestras and classical music are a big deal in Venezuela, using music as a vehicle for social change in disadvantaged communities, thanks to a system (actually called The System – El Sistema) which has now been copied across the world.

My Spotify recommendation is the Dallas Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andrew Litton:

The 1930s Cuban hit, Echale salsita by Septeto Naconal De Ignacio Pineiro is on youtube too.

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