68. An unheard masterpiece from a forgotten master: Henriëtte Bosmans

There’s so much unknown great music out there!

You almost certainly won’t have heard this great piece or have heard of its writer. Henriëtte Bosman’s wrote her Concert Piece for violin and orchestra for her fiancé. He died before he could play it, and in her grief she couldn’t compose any more. Then the war and Nazi occupation of Amsterdam cut short her career as a performer too.

I’m joined by my friend, violinist Marina Solarek, who tells us the story of an amazing woman, her intense and passionate concerto, and why it’s still so hard to hear great music by women composers.

…And the great music shows us that we’re missing out. Listening time 36 mins [18′ each, podcast and music]

Music here:

Marina’s group, the Solarek Piano Trio, dedicates itself to the lives of extraordinary composers who happen to be women. Check them out!

I thought it would be cool to share some pics of the important characters in Bosman’s life, so here’s Bosmans with Frieda Belinfante and Francis Koene . Frieda Belinfante led another extraordinary life and lived till 1995 – had the war not interrupted her career she may have been one of the first great female conductors – but instead she became a forger and resistance fighter! See here

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