68. An unheard masterpiece from a forgotten master: Henriëtte Bosmans

You almost certainly won’t have heard this great piece or have heard of its writer. Henriëtte Bosman’s wrote her Concert Piece for violin and orchestra for her fiancé, who died before he could play it. Violinist Marina Solarek, tells the story of an amazing, passionate woman, a life and career interrupted by the Nazis, her intense and passionate concerto, and why it’s still so hard to hear great music by women composers. And the great music shows us that we’re missing out. Listening time 36 mins… Listen

41. Mozart mixing elegance with fun

We love this movement from Mozart’s 5th – and last – violin concerto, written to play himself, at the age of 19. It’s elegant and sophisticated and then wild and free.  It’s a great piece for a dance around your … Listen

33: Summer! All paddling pools and ice-cream?

…Not for Vivaldi. His Summer is all oppressive heat, flies and sudden storms; brilliantly realised in music that’s short, intense and too hot to handle: Music here:   (ending at 46’20” – it’s a performance of the complete Four Seasons) or … Listen