129. Hitting the sweet spot at sixteen: Mozart, Divertimento K.136

Mozart’s music is brilliant, right? Even people who claim to know nothing about music say that. Well, it’s true! In this Divertimento the 16 year-old Mozart really hits the spot with a piece of perfection, delight and joie de vivre. It’s one of the pieces where Mozart moves from young prodigy to straight out master.

Listening time: 20 mins (podcast 5′, music 14′)

Performances here with Manchester Camerata conducted by Gábor Takács-Nagy:

…and links to track one of 3 on Amazon and Apple Music

If you like it, you can buy it as a high quality download here for about £3. 

If you like to see your performers having a great time, at the same time as playing with total commitment and verve, check out the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra with Pekka Kuusisto:

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