Spine-tinglers for Halloween

They say the devil gets all the best tunes. If you’re looking for music at the scarier/ creepier/ spine-tingling end of the spectrum here are the episodes for you!

Mussorgsky’s Night on bare mountain features a witches’ sabbath and in Rimksy-Korsakov’s version a bit of dawn respite. The original version is even scarier and unrelenting.

Still more witches sabbathing plus a dream of the composer’s own execution in the last part of Berlioz’s Fantastic Symphony

Loved by film makers, nothing says haunted house like Bach’s Toccata and Fugue.

Ir’s dark and spooky deep in the forest, especially when bargaining with the devil in exchange for magic bullets – Weber conjures the atmosphere in his overture to Der Freischütz.

Not all witches visit at night – Dvořák’s Noon Witch is a dramatic case in point.

From Noon to Midnight – Anna Clyne gives us a more modern sense of unease in This Midnight Hour

There are few things more scary than Béla Bartók’s Music for strings, percussion and celesta. It’s unusual, gripping, terrifying and thrilling.

If you’re just looking for the music without the podcasts, to get you through halloween, I’ve created two (slightly different) playlists:

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