140. Hidden pigeons & dancing farmers: Kaprálová, Rustic Suite

Packed with memorable Czech songs about pigeons, nightingales, love, life and unploughed fields, Vítěslava Kaprálová’s Rustic Suite mixes countryside charm with the confident orchestral swagger of a 23 year old receiving acclaim in Paris and London. Music full of life and good tunes!

Listening time 21 mins (music 16′, podcast 5′)

The music is here, played by the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marko Ivanovic (you want tracks 1-3 on Apple Music or Amazon).

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2 responses

  • Dearest Steve,
    Frankly, I’m embarrassed that I haven’t written or been in contact before now. But here I am.
    I just wanted to say how wonderful it is to hear your voice and listen to your wisdom via the Cacophony podcast.
    I have listened to most of your episodes after having caught up over the last few months and apart from being name-checked in episode 96 there have been others that have really stood out: Emilie Mayer, the Metacosmos episode, the James MacMillan, the Mozart Divertimento and, of course, the Bernstein episode.
    I’m really pleased that the whole enterprise is such a success. I love each episode and, mostly follow up on the music when I can, especially the more esoteric or unfamiliar ones.
    As a teacher I suppose it’s in my nature to want to learn more. You always did manage to broaden my outlook on a plethora of subjects including music and it feels rather comforting in a way, that you are still doing so.
    Anyway…I shall just say, once again, thank you for these podcasts – they’re great and I shall continue to listen and learn.

  • You were name-checked in episode 97 not 96 – pay attention at the back!
    I’m so touched, Mark – It’s truly lovely to hear that you are listening and enjoying. As for this: ‘You always did manage to broaden my outlook on a plethora of subjects including music’, I feel the same about you.
    Thank you!

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