Lockdown Music 11 – Swan Lake, the end!

Drama, heartbreak and transcendental music from the end of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.  Intro here: Music here:  and on spotify:  The ballet on video is below if you want to watch dance. Act 4 begins at 1:43:15, but they’ve snuck an extra … Listen

Lockdown 7: Ravel – Mother Goose

This is the first audio introduction where I forget to mention the name of the piece! It’s the Mother Goose Suite, by Ravel and I love it.  The music’s here:  or here:

Lockdown 6: Haydn’s Philosopher

Time to get all deep and meaningful?  Maybe not too much. Here’s my intro to Haydn’s wonderfully entertaining 22nd Symphony. This filmed performance is in the venue where the piece was most likely first-performed with similar instruments, and numbers of … Listen