New Beginnings

Five great pieces to start us off

First up here are five special things to celebrate new beginnings, starting with this month’s intro and a little burst of Richard Strauss:

Haydn’s depiction of the universe before the moment of creation: every bit as startling today as it was 200 years ago:

Words & translation

Verdi’s Nabucco is an opera with a heady mix of religion, royalty, romance and politics and an irresistibly catchy overture that always puts a smile on my face and also introduces one of Verdi’s greatest hit tunes.

Want to hear the Finnish creation legend about the broken duck eggs becoming the moon and stars?  Thought so. Spectacular singing too:

Words & translation

Did Strauss write a better Sunrise than the 2001 Space Odyssey theme?  You decide!

The music and the players:

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